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Oh hey, Colin here, this is where I tell my grand story!

Since I was a young lad, I’ve had a fondness for musical instruments. I was inspired by modern eastern composers and would write short pieces on composition paper at age 8 without having instrumental experience. I found my place with the clarinet at age 9 continuing until my adolescence. Discovering the limitless possibilities of creation through music, I started picking up different means of writing and performing. I began playing guitar and eventually drums and piano. I was in bands from middle school through college, and I owe a great debt to the wonderful friends I have grown up with musically.

Since I have been in bands, recording our music or my music always seemed like something I wanted to do. It started in 2003 recording through a PA using a 4-track tape machine. In the next year I got an 8-track Digital recorder and then in 2005 moved into the realm of serious multitrack recording. The ability to take time with recording and ear training was much more valuable to me in those years then high-end recording gear. I gradually built up a studio in the basement of my parents' house. Through 2007, just prior to entering the University of New haven, I recorded countless local metal, hardcore, punk, and indie bands. Recording these other bands gave me an extra boost of inspiration. I felt an innate need to create recordings constructed entirely by me, from performance to mastering. I needed musical messages to manifest in the world as they would sound in my head. I guess there are just many things better left said by music.

In 2008, I released my first album where I wrote, produced, and played every part on an EP entitled "These songs are NOT for you." As I continued to expand my range, I created a full length, 12-song LP called "The Sounds of Everyday" released in 2009 and a 14-song LP "Answers" released in Feb 2010. This gave birth to a personal process of songwriting and producing without the use of commercial studios. In the fall of 2010 I released another 12 song LP entitled "Truly, Yours." These recordings weren't so much released as they were finished and shared with friends and family. Always wanting to take things a step further, and after going through some very challenging life obstacles,(see my blog!) I started playing shows around CT. I compiled a few songs from previous works, along with 12 new songs, and made the 16-track creation entitled "Lionheart," with 15 songs recorded in my bedroom and one recorded at the Hartt School with the help of some friends. I continued to play around venues in CT, MA, NY, and RI eventually being nominated by RAW Artists for Musician of the Year 2012 in Hartford, CT. Directly after this at the end of 2012, I released a 5 song disc entitled "Alabaster."

I don't just write singer-songwriter music. I make some Rock, some Pop, some Electronica, and a plentiful amount of Acoustic music as well. I don't believe in sticking to one formula for a song to represent an artist. We're not one dimensional people, right? So should our music be? I believe the answer is no. This brings me to my goal.

While there really is no one true end-point, there are a few things that always stay. I want to travel the world and sing, leaving a melody in your head. I want to show the world just what I'm made of. Maybe songs can't change the world, but they can change a thought and give you an idea, and an idea or a thought can change the world. so
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:D -Colin Burke

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